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The Benefits of Physiotherapy & Pilates Combined

Whilst physiotherapy is a well-established and respected form of healing, having started at the time of Hippocrates, pilates is relatively new. It started in the 1920s and only began to become popular when it was used as a form of rehabilitation in the 1990s. Nevertheless, the two have similarities and are often combined to provide a complete treatment for patients.

Physiotherapy aims to promote and maintain maximum movement and functional ability through a variety of methods that include exercise, manipulation and education. Pilates concentrates on building stamina, flexibility and core strength through a series of conditioning exercises of low impact. The two have common aims and some similarity of methods, so combining them to achieve those aims makes perfect sense.

Physiotherapists are perfectly positioned to deliver both physiotherapy and pilates in order to give their patients the best possible chance of achieving their aims. Their experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology mean they know how the body moves. They are therefore able to determine the best form of treatment for particular conditions and often that may include a combination of physiotherapy and pilates techniques.

How Pilates Combined with Physiotherapy Can Help

One of the main aims of pilates is to improve your core strength, which will in turn help you to protect your spine and relieve lower back pain. It does this by a series of exercises, which are undertaken in a flowing and controlled manner, that develop the body’s strength and flexibility. These exercises need regular practice and patience to be effective so minds have to stay focused.

Each exercise targets specific muscle groups — abdomen, buttocks and back, as well as integration of the limbs and spine. The exercises are suitable for all ages and capabilities since they can be set with different levels of difficulty and can be increased in intensity as the body adapts to them.

They challenge the muscles but are gentle with the joints and require body awareness, patience, regular practice, concentration and complete control if they are to be fully effective. Consequently, they are good for the mind as well as the body, leaving participants alert and energised as well as physically better after each session.

Pilates targets the mind as well as the body, providing a complete body work-out that helps deal with the stresses of modern life. Participants will gain increased energy and flexibility, greater strength, an improved posture and a better balanced body that is less prone to injury, with each muscle doing its job in the correct way.

Whilst pilates may not be suitable for everyone, it is a form of treatment that can be used for a wide range of conditions and will deliver several benefits. Its suitability will depend on an initial assessment of each patient, after which the most appropriate course of action can be set out. This fits in with the excellent standard of care that our Sydney physiotherapists deliver.
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Conditions that Pilates Can Deal With

Pilates is appropriate for most of the conditions that are dealt with by physiotherapy. Some of these include:

  • recovery from injury, typically to muscles, tendons and ligaments, through rehabilitation that provides safe and effective methods
  • tackling health issues such as obesity, poor lifestyle and a general lack of fitness
  • a wish to improve overall fitness levels
  • dealing with illness or underlying health issues, including complex needs such as strokes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and motor neuron disease, so the damaging effects are reduced
  • reducing lower back pain by retraining core muscles so they recover more quickly and are less likely to be damaged in the future
  • promoting correct breathing to combat asthma and stress-related conditions
  • helping with rehabilitation after surgery
  • managing a healthy pregnancy and motherhood by ante-natal and post-natal exercises.

Every case is unique, with all patients having different issues, challenges and requirements. Consequently, the treatment of no two patients is the same, each benefiting from a customised mixture of pilates and physiotherapy treatment. Because of this, treatment is usually on a one-to-one basis although group pilates classes can also be provided if required.

Benefits of Pilates Treatment Combined with Physiotherapy

Through a combination of exercise, manipulation and other techniques, pilates and physiotherapy can deliver a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • the alleviation of back pain, neck pain and relief from the effects of arthritis
  • recovery from serious injury, illness or surgery
  • improved mobility and flexibility
  • better posture
  • the ability to manage serious medical conditions
  • improved body strength and alignment
  • better awareness of physical and mental needs.

Physiotherapy and pilates together provide correction, exercise, re-training and education that ensure your body will work better, in a more flexible and pain free way. All treatments are specific to your needs and are therefore much more likely to be effective than a ‘one size fits all’ approach using standard techniques and large class sizes.

Contact Anzac Parade to see how we can help. We have specialists in all types of physiotherapy and pilates techniques for various kinds of conditions so we can help you achieve your aims in the shortest possible time. We’ll devise a treatment plan with the best combination of techniques so you’ll be able to reach the desired outcome.

Although we are primarily physiotherapists, we never view physiotherapy as a stand-alone treatment that will always provide the best cure. We are fully aware of other types of treatment, such as pilates, and are always willing to use whatever techniques are best for our patients. We are constantly seeking out new methods and will combine them with existing procedures if they will achieve the best outcomes in a safe and efficient manner.

Be assured that we will always provide the very best standard of care and will never jeopardise the safety of our patients. Pilates is safe, physiotherapy is safe and the two together provide a safe and effective treatment that delivers remedies for various conditions.

Put your trust in our professional knowledge and judgement, and sign up now for effective treatment.
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