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Exercise Physiology

Our exercise physiologists specialise in the prevention and management of chronic illness through movement and health modification counselling.


We take a holistic approach to the prevention, treatment and management of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.


Medicare plans are available. Discuss your condition with your GP to determine whether you are eligible.


If you have sustained an injury while performing your duties at work we can help you with your workers compensation claims.

Sporting club affiliations

Reformer Pilates in Kensington

Are you considering getting in on the Pilates action, or even pushing your existing Pilates efforts to the next level with reformer classes? You’re not alone: this exercise method is exploding in popularity in a range of circles given that it offers a huge range of benefits.

When it comes to reformer Pilates Kensington residents, have a lot of options available to them. There are a range of studios which offer the classes, and it’s even possible to get a reformer machine in your own property.

Kensington Reformer Pilates You Will Adore

But we firmly believe that there’s nothing quite like the classes that we offer at Anzac Parade Physio. To give you a better idea of why so many students trust us, here’s a deeper dive into what we offer.

The Very Best of Pilates

Pilates is universally adored for its capacity to boost overall strength while also helping practitioners to improve their flexibility, coordination and balance too. These are not improvements made for their own sakes: they result in a more comfortable and effective everyday life where people enjoy an improved posture, more graceful movement and an improved resilience toward common pains.

Reformer Pilates in Kensington are the perfect way to take these benefits to the next level. While the machine may at first appear to be a little intimidating, there’s no need for concern: our team of instructors are truly experts when it comes to getting the most from this exercise.
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A Qualified Team of Health Professionals

For over 20 years our team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists have diagnosed and treated a huge number of patients. We have handled everything ranging from sports injuries all the way to common issues like back and neck pain.

Given that our team is composed of qualified health professionals, it’s possible to finance our Reformer Pilates classes with health fund rebates. This makes us a very attractive option for many people throughout Sydney and beyond.

This level of experience also means that the Pilates classes we conduct are backed by an in-depth level of knowledge which helps our students achieve the best results possible. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach, either.

Catered Service to Get the Best Results

We understand that every person is different in terms of their physiology, their needs and their abilities. That is why we ensure each and every student has a programme that fits with their specific needs and goals. This ensure that our students don’t under- or over-exert themselves but achieve an optimum workout in every single class.

The reformer machine is also a very complicated and complex piece of machinery and it can get amazing results for beginners and experts alike. This helps us to offer the very best experience each time.

Contact Us Today

If you’re intrigued by what the world of reformed Pilates may have to offer you, then you should be sure to get in touch with us today to learn more. It will be our pleasure to provide you with all of the information that you might need and we can’t wait for you to get started and begin to feel the benefits soon!
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